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IBM puts Diamonds (and other jewelry) in Blockchain

International Business Machines Corp is planning to apply blockchain technology to shed light on the jewelry industry’s supply chain. In the latest blockchain news, IBM announced TrustChain, their most recent foray into an application of blockchain technology.

SEC Crackdown and Bitcoin Rises? How?

In recent cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies have experienced a surge of late. All of them are off of lows that took away approximately 60% of their value from their 2017 fourth-quarter highs. The market

Walmart and Crypto?

In blockchain news, Walmart is actually getting into cryptocurrency. However, they are not doing it in the way that you would think. Instead of having to invest in blockchain certification training and other needless expenses by taking

Mastercard blockchain patent thwarts identity theft

In 2009, when the infamous Bitcoin whitepaper hit the mainstream, it introduced a technology that would create proofs of transactions like many point of sale operations. This technology is called the Blockchain, and in its multifaceted approach

The Evolution of SEO

Those who work in the field of search engine optimization, or SEO, know how fickle the beast can be. SEO is in a constant state of flux. It changes at the whim of Google and other search

Four Ways for Renters with Bad Credit to Get Approved

Your credit score can affect many aspects of your life, including the home and apartment rental process. Landlords may deny your rental application if you have a bad credit. This doesn’t mean that you are locked out

The Ethereum Blockchain Drives Humanitarian Aid for Refugees

Blockchain development extends far beyond the use of cryptocurrencies. In Jordan, refugees from war torn Syria are getting their first taste of blockchain technology. The World Food Programme is now using an offshoot of the Ethereum platform

Blockchain Phone Set to Debut in October 2018

Blockchain development is at a fever pitch right now. Many new applications for the technology which underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being introduced. One of the most exciting projects was announced by Foxconn in early April. The

Basic Principles of Successful Investing

All investors are thrilled by the idea of becoming rich beyond their dreams. My dream included owning a cattle ranch in central southern Florida. I was almost there when the economic crash of 2008 raised its very

New Jersey Bill Could Raise Renewable Portfolio Standard

The New Jersey legislature will soon begin debating a bill that could greatly change the energy sector within the state. Its main goal is to increase the solar carve out of New Jersey’s renewable portfolio standard. It