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Mastercard blockchain patent thwarts identity theft

In 2009, when the infamous Bitcoin whitepaper hit the mainstream, it introduced a technology that would create proofs of transactions like many point of sale operations. This technology is called the Blockchain, and in its multifaceted approach

The Ethereum Blockchain Drives Humanitarian Aid for Refugees

Blockchain development extends far beyond the use of cryptocurrencies. In Jordan, refugees from war torn Syria are getting their first taste of blockchain technology. The World Food Programme is now using an offshoot of the Ethereum platform

Blockchain Phone Set to Debut in October 2018

Blockchain development is at a fever pitch right now. Many new applications for the technology which underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being introduced. One of the most exciting projects was announced by Foxconn in early April. The

Using Blockchain Technology to Deliver Renewable Energy

This article is by Blockchain Training Alliance There are nearly 1.2 billion people worldwide who are living without electricity. The majority of the unpowered population resides in developing nations in Africa and Asia, as well as island