Overcome The Stigma Of A Broken Lease with A Second Chance Apartment

Searching for an apartment in the midst of your busy schedule can be a bit ttying, and when you have negative items on your credit report, it can downright challenging as well. The fact is, while it will no doubt be more of a challenge for you, it is still entirely possible to find your next apartment even if you have bad credit and have had landlord problems in the past.

There are second chance apartments with landlords that will work with tenants who have had a broken lease or other issue placed on their record. Many landlords do rely heavily on the traditional criteria when approving a new tenant, but some may be more lenient and more willing to work with you. Professional apartment locators can help in your search, or you can search through the apartment ads yourself. Large management companies will have a set criteria as to approving or disapproving an applicant. They will run your credit report to check the score and your payment history, they will check your housing history, and most if not all will run a background check. Landlords like to see a minimum of a 3 to 1 income ratio with verifiable backup.

It’s a good idea to find out what the criteria is for second chance apartments in your area. You may be able to overcome the history of a broken lease if the other criteria is met. A small landlord may be more willing if it is a one time event rather than a chronic occurrence. A tarnished credit report does not always indicate what a tenant’s future payments will be, however it is all that a new potential landlord has to go on when making a decision. If you can do it, an option is to offer to pay additional move in money. You can pay the first and last month’s rent or a larger security deposit. This will help to protect the landlord if you should default on a rent payment. It will also show that you have money set aside for your move. The landlord will realize that you are a serious applicant with all intentions of living out the lease term and paying the rent on time.

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