The Evolution of SEO

Those who work in the field of search engine optimization, or SEO, know how fickle the beast can be. SEO is in a constant state of flux. It changes at the whim of Google and other search engines. The SEO strategies that worked yesterday may fail today.

Yet, there are some who claim that SEO isn’t nearly as relevant as it was a few years ago. Some even claim that the practice is dead. According to a recent article from Forbes on the subject of SEO tips, the evolutionary nature of search engine optimization could cause individuals to believe it no longer works. In reality, new aspects of SEO take on a greater importance while older methods fade.

SEO is More than Backlinks and Keywords

In the earliest days of SEO, keyword placement was king. Sites that used a lot of relevant keywords could rank rather easily. After that, backlinks to authority websites became critical. Somewhere down the line, content entered the picture. SEO has become something of a pyramid with no capstone. It just keeps evolving.

You can probably understand how those who focused on keyword placement in the early days of Google and SEO must have felt when their sites took a hit. They probably believed that SEO was a big waste of time. Instead, they tried something else. SEO wasn’t the problem. Their failure to maintain pace with SEO news and changes to Google’s algorithm was.

Today, SEO is changing yet again. Those who fail to change with it are doomed to the same results as their predecessors.

Value is Key

There are few things more frustrating than making a Google search, clicking on a link, and finding a website filled with useless fluff. Google appreciates this frustration, and that is why value is given much more weight today than older SEO strategies. Google wants to know that you are providing value to web visitors. This means crafting great content and building a strong brand that carries authority.

The thing is, adding value to your website is still considered SEO. It’s a different method, but it’s the same practice. In that regard, SEO isn’t dead by a long shot. It still means optimizing your website for search engine ranking, whatever that entails.

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